I am a Christian. I believe the bible gives helpful insight for life – and not just a sheltered church life where no one says anything nasty. I think a book that was written thousands of years ago still speaks today – into the things we are facing right now. I also believe that sometimes we don’t want to hear what it says.

One of my favourite ways to process is to write. I love to put my thoughts down in a way I can understand. Often, a line from a song, a phrase used by a friend, or a verse of scripture will spark a train of thought that splats out onto a page.

Much of this will not be a complete theology on a matter – it will just be my thoughts at the time of writing.

I hope others will find what I write about helpful.

I belong to the Vine, a Relational Mission church in Maidstone – but the views expressed here are mine and do not necessarily (although they often will) reflect those of the church or denomination I am a part of.

I would love positive feedback, general comments, observations and criticism. If however you are rude or abusive – please find somewhere else to hang out.