A new thing

For a long time I’ve wanted a forum for my writing. I’ve put off blogging as I am worried that I won’t have enough to say, or that no one will want to read it. 

I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter if people read it or not – or if they enjoy it or not. 

And if that’s the case, how much I write doesn’t matter either. 

Other branches of social media were just not cutting it. Such a mixed audience, with no real choice (after they had agreeed to be my ‘friend’) as to whether or not they saw the post. This way, only those who actually want to will see it. I can be more open about my belief and views. 

So if you’ve have got this far – welcome – it’s going to be an interesting ride – but I hope a lot of fun. I serve an awesome God – this is some of my story as I explore how to enjoy that more.