Nothing else works

There is an inevitability about life – at some point it will end.

Knowing that there is a statistic that can’t be changed – all but two people in history have died, is something that most of us try and forget. Many of us have at least a subconscious mental picture of how and when that might happen – who hasn’t envisioned slipping away peacefully in bed at 100 years old? We choose 100 because we can’t imagine being that old, and therefore can’t imagine ever having to think about death.

When one hears news that radically changes our view on when the inevitable will happen, there are several emotions that cycle through ones mind. This is the journey that my family are walking at the moment – mum has cancer, and the doctors say they can’t cure her.

I remember when the Queen Mother died at a ripe old age. She had always been there, seemingly forever. Parents are a bit like that. Ever present. You see, for people that have simply always been there, it is almost impossible to envision a world without them.

How does one process the fact that they might be gone sooner than your mental picture of how it would happen?

Many of us if honest would admit to begin to question what is truth. Perhaps you have always said “God is good, and all the time God is good”. This oft used phrase trips of the tongue easily when life is easy, but maybe not so when your world is turned upside down. How can God be good? If He were, mum would be healthy and cancer free.

Perhaps you’ve read that God is the healer – and yet you’ve prayed and prayed and nothing appears to have happened. Therefore you’ve convinced yourself that God doesn’t heal, and the words that you’ve read in the bible have to be interpreted a different way. After all, if this were true, mum would be healthy and disease free.

I was at a concert recently, the band sang a song off their new album. There were some lyrics that struck me “what’s true in the light is still true in the dark. You’re good and you’re kind and you care for this heart. Lord I believe, You weep with me.”

Circumstance doesn’t stop truth being true. God is still good. God is still healer. If both these things are true, we can begin to believe all the other things we read.

He does understand. He does care. He will be my peace. He will sustain me. He will comfort me. He will raise me up.

The truth is that whatever the reality we live in – God is still the one who can break chains and turn impossible situations around. I believe that He wants to do that more than we realise or ask for. He loves the person we are praying for more than we do.

But even if He doesn’t – God is still good.

At some point in the future there will be tears for the fact that mum is no longer with us. Only time will tell whether this is at the ripe old age of 100 or sooner. I intend to pray for her total healing either way.

Given the truth that God is healer, if it is cancer that takes her, I have no doubt that there will be hurt and desperation. There will be anger – “why?” will be a prominent question. But through it all, God will be there. He will be weeping with me, but He is still good, and He still wants me to be part of His plan.

I believe that. I have to believe that. I don’t have anything else. Nothing else works.

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