Are you ready to run?

img_0455I have a question. How fit are you?

I walked 25km last summer, but couldn’t say I was fit. I have friends training to run marathons, and others who struggle to walk down the street. We all have our own level of fitness. We should probably all be trying to get fitter.

If you had to run for your faith, could you? Would you?

C.S Lewis once said of Jesus that either he was who he claimed to be, or he was a mad man who we should pay no attention to. There is no middle ground.

You can’t have a ‘meh’ response to Jesus.

From the confusion of Friday, still reeling from the shock of the cruel death of Jesus “the women” went to the tomb. The tasks they had expected to perform were abandoned.

A conversation with an angel left them confused, as they tried to piece together events of the previous few days and the reality of an empty tomb.

They didn’t wander back, chatting as they went.

Partly out of fear – they had just seen an angel after all, and partly because they dared to hope that Jesus had meant what he promised, they ran back to their friends to tell them the good news.

Once they had blurted out their story, in disbelief, two of Jesus closet friends, Peter & John ran to the tomb. They found things just as women had described.

The thing that struck me when I read this was how much running there was.

Either Jesus didn’t rise and we can move on with our lives – or he did, and we need to move quickly, with purpose to tell people what we know. To share the good news.


Do you have good news to tell. Are you ready to run to tell others the good news?

Our testimony – they story of what Jesus has done for us, may be exactly the story our friends need to hear. Are you willing to tell that story?

If the fragility of life has not directly affected you personally yet this year, just watch the news. There really is no time to waste – we don’t all have to run, but most of us have to move quicker than we have been.

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