Are you contagious?

ContagiousPandemic influenza spreads rapidly. A program on BBC 1 recently showed that between 10am and 6pm over 70 people came in contact with the index case  and were exposed to the virus. Because this was an new strain of the virus, there was no immunity, and a very high proportion of those who came in contact with that index case went on to develop the infection.

Due to the incubation period (1-3 days) when the infected person doesn’t know they are infected, they may encounter several more people who in turn will infect others. The spread of the infection is exponential – in little less than one week, the entire country would have been exposed to the virus, with potentially fatal results.

Think about how many people you interact with each day. At work, when you pop into the corner shop for milk, when you drop the kids off on the school playground. And then think about all the people they interact with. What if you were the index case, the one who started it all. That would be three days of interactions.

It got me thinking – how infectious am I? You see, I’ve been infected with something that I believe is very contagious. Unlike Influenza, the infection I have will actually bring life to people rather than death. The problem is, just like in the incubation period of Influenza, I tend to walk around as if I haven’t been infected, and there is nothing I can do about the state of the world around me. I have – as you do, the only solution that will work – yet we live as if the solution lies elsewhere.

We are leaky vessels. We need to keep being filled (Ephesian 5:18). We know all about the Great Commission (Matt 28:19), how much more effective would we be if we leaked in the workplace, or the school playground? It is all very well us sitting in our churches on a Sunday morning, declaring that the world needs to meet Jesus, but it is our job to introduce them. We can’t leave it to someone else.

As Christians we are infectious – let’s get out there and pass Jesus on.

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