You’ll NEVER walk alone


This weekend I will join around 20,000 others in a field in West Sussex for Big Church Day Out. If you are anything like me, camping  to ensure you capture all that is going on is a necessary evil. I’m really not into the whole “one with nature” thing – although it does mean that I might get bacon two mornings in a row.

There is something very powerful that happens when God’s people worship together. We feel it in our churches week on week (at least we do in the one I go to). When 20,000 worship together it always gets heavens attention.

There will be music to suit most tastes this weekend (not sure the organisers have the Christian thrash metal scene covered), and Church will get to enjoy this, and spending time with each other as a body of believers from different backgrounds with a common bond.

Apart from the camping, there is one thing I’m not looking forward to so much. Stuck in the middle of nowhere (internet or TV wise) I’ll have no way of watching the champions league final between Liverpool and Real Madrid. Interestingly, the thing that reminded me of this was a song that played as I drove home from work today. It was “Never Once” by Matt Redman. (Who will be at BCDO too). Talking about looking back over the past, with all its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, Matt realises that God has been with him every single step of the way. “Never once did we ever walk alone, never once did you leave us on our own, You are faithful, God you are faithful.”

The astute amongst you will have noticed the link to the Liverpool anthem “you’ll never walk alone”

The essence of the song is the same, (although there is no reference to who is walking with the singer.).

Scripture is littered with promises from God that He will never leave nor forsake those who love Him. Interestingly, often when His people turn from Him they find themselves crying out to Him, asking why He has forsaken or left them.

How often do we feel that we are walking alone only to realise that we are on the wrong road. That we have set off down a path that was not meant for us to follow. Others may be called to follow that path, and we follow blindly after them, rather than asking which road we are to follow. God will be with us on both roads, but our perception of His presence, our awareness of Him at work in our lives will be more acutely recognised if we are on the path designed for us rather than for another.

We need to keep listening for instructions to make sure we stay where we are meant to be. Some of us are too afraid to step on to a new path in case we get the direction wrong.  Some of us have come to a standstill because we can’t see the road ahead.

Helen Keller once said “a bend in the road is not the end of the road – unless you fail to make the turn.”

Are you on the wrong path – and need to turn?  Have you come to a standstill and don’t know which road is next? Have you asked Him?  Whichever path you’re on ask Him to walk with you. He’s there anyway, and walking is far more enjoyable with company.

(……….and come on Liverpool!!)

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