Stand in the Gap

As I lay in my hospital bed, back in late 2011, I knew I was safe. There was a peace surrounding my situation that had little to do with me. My world was all over the place. Whether due to arteries bursting or lungs collapsing, I had very little control over what was going on. I was tired. Physically, due to loss of blood and being prodded and poked by nurses and surgeons, emotionally because I was subconsciously trying to gain control over the situation, and spiritually as I found that I just couldn’t talk to God.

Fortunately, both at home and around the globe people were praying. There was much more than a physical battle for my life going on. The saints were on their knees on my behalf and refused to give up without a fight. As the spiritual battle began to see ground being taken, so to my physical condition improved.

The bleeding was stemmed. My breathing returned to normal. Though still weak, I was pulling through.

Why do I bring this up now?

I think many of us are tired. We are unable to think clearly. There may be a whole host of reasons for this. Perhaps you are physically hurting. Perhaps you’ve lost a dear friend. Whatever the reason, you’ve found it hard to talk to God about it. You know He is there, sustaining you. You know he is just a prayer away, but you just can’t. You’ve tried, but you’re mind gets quickly distracted by your situation.

I think it’s ok to find yourself here sometimes. The important thing is being prepared to allow others to stand in that gap for you. Let them carry your situation to the throne room. Let trusted friends and family make the important decisions for and with you. Don’t feel guilt about not being in control.

There is of course biblical precedence for this. In Exodus 17, we find the nation of Israel fought Amalek. All the time Moses held his arms up, with the staff of God in his hand, the battle went the way of Israel. When he lowered his arms, Amalek began to prevail. Eventually, Aaron and Hur held the arms of Moses aloft and victory was won. Moses couldn’t do it himself. He needed others to stand in when he grew weary.

If we are at the end of our tether, if energy has gone, it’s ok to allow others to raise our arms. Victory is assured, we just need help to get us through this battle.

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