Whats in your jar?

I remember a few years ago it was trendy to give cake or cookie mix in a jar as gifts. All that was needed was to add some “wet” ingredients, a little love and you had something nice to eat.

All very nice, until you have a reoccurring dream about them. Over the past couple of nights, I’ve been running around with one of these jars looking for a place to use it. Details are sketchy (aren’t they always in dreams?), but the one thing that was clear was the fact that the ingredients were wrong. There was butter in with the flour already, and though I knew it wasn’t right, I was pretty sure I could make something edible out of it. I just needed a kitchen, and people to stop chasing me.

I don’t know about you, but when I have reoccurring dreams, it is usually because God is trying to say something to me. Sometimes the lesson is specifically for me, sometimes its for the wider church community. I’ve been asking Him today which this one is. Even difficult lessons are worth it if God is involved, but I think this one is for more than just me to learn.

Sometimes we carry things that we know aren’t quite right, but we feel the hassle of admitting things aren’t OK outweigh the benefits of stopping and readjusting. The burden of others depending on you for something are often so heavy you are scared to put things down in case you are unable to pick them up again. So you continue, rushing about, making things up as you go along. When you started, you had everything in place. You spent time planning, praying, asking God to help you, to bless the project or ministry. Lately though, there has been less and less time for all that, and every now and again, you look and realise that things aren’t quite how they should be.

. Too often in church life we carry on with things that we have done for a long time we do things out of habit rather than out of relationship with the Father. Doing things in the Kingdom should scare us a little. Not in a fear way, but in a “there is no way I can do this without God” sort of way. Spending time with Him both before starting any task and during is vital. He is the only one who knows the recipe, and which ingredients need to be put in when, and in which quantities. There is an old saying that “If a job is worth doing it’s worth doing well.” The fact is, if a job is worth doing it’s essential that you continually reassess, continually ask God what He wants of you. Ask Him daily to stretch you. To check the ingredients in your jar. To change them if needed.

If we try and put things together ourselves, we will invariably fail. If it’s a “God task” we may well end up with something edible, but it won’t be the gastronomic experience it was meant to be.

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