Use your imagination

How many times did you hear the words “Use your imagination”? It’s a phrase used by teachers and parents alike, it is usually an encouragement to try to think more outside the box, to think for ourselves, and sometimes, especially if used by parents, for us to just go and do something anything, somewhere else.

Depending on how tired we are and how used we are to hearing these words, our imagination can take us to a good place or a dark place. We can use our imagination to think of pleasant things or allow it to drag us into despair. I wonder how vivid your imagination is?

I find it interesting that in a culture where we believe that Grace means that nothing can separate us from God, our imagination can still convince us that we are unacceptable to God, that our destiny is unsure, and that we need to work harder to get back into God’s good books.

 I read something a couple of days ago, which made me think about how I deal with my imagination. “Unconfessed sin will mess with your head. Joseph’s brothers were convinced that an invitation to dinner was going to get them killed. Don’t let the accuser have any room to convince you that the Father has anything but good for you – in the presence of your enemies.”

The brother’s imagination was running riot. Convinced they were being punished for selling Joseph, and telling their father that He had been killed, they spent the rest of their lives up to this point believing that God was looking for an opportunity to deal with their sin.

We often struggle with the same conviction.

The fact is, Jesus came to pay the price for our sin. We don’t have to do anything. There was nothing we could have done that was enough. Jesus paid it all. When the accuser starts to try and tell us that we need to be afraid of the judgement of God, the only one of us who should be afraid is him. I would suggest that instead of worrying about the coming judgement, we take the opportunity to confess any known sin, and move on. Don’t let a lie prevent us from experiencing all the Father has for us.

The Father has more in store for us than we can ask or even imagine. How vivid is your imagination? Take a moment now and think about the best outcome for any given situation. He wants to give you more. What is the most outrageous thing you could think of asking God for? There is more than that available. The beauty of this is that not only is it available, it gives the Father pleasure for us to dream about things with Him. It’s ok to tell Him what you want to see. I can’t promise that you will see the answer you want immediately, but He will come through on His promises. When I started to pray for people to be healed I didn’t really think it was going to happen. I believed that it could but not really that He would. I believed that God healed, I just didn’t really think it would happen through me. I really, really wanted Him to though. So I began to imagine what God using me to heal would look like. I began to ask God to use me. To show me more. To make my heart beat in time with His heart.

I haven’t seen everything I’ve dreamt about yet. There is far more to see and do. The thing is that when I’ve seen some of the Fathers heart, I want more, so the dream keeps changing.

Your imagination was given to you by the Father. You were designed to use it. Don’t let the accuser rob you from your destiny.

Oh, and that dream you had, wasn’t nearly big enough.

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