Elevating others

Today I had the immense privilege to talk to a friend who had recently had a life changing “God experience.” They had taken time out to worship, learn and spend time with others who wanted to experience God, and had found that He was even more amazing that they already knew He was.

When I was chatting to my friend, my overwhelming feeling was one of excitement. I was thrilled that they had experienced something of God that they hadn’t before. I loved the fact that it had built their faith.  I was delighted to hear about the spiritual journey of another. In hearing testimony of what God had done for them, my faith increased, knowing that it was possible for it to happen again. If anything, I wanted to hear that they had experienced more than I had. In time, I hope they will see more, experience more than I have or will.

I have had similar experiences to the one that my friend was describing in the past, and I remember telling others of them and wishing that they too would experience God in the way that I had. The problem that I found that unless the person I was talking to had also had a similar experience it was almost impossible to describe the feeling.

For those who hadn’t experienced what I had, my longing was that they did. For those that had, there was a shared desire to experience more.

That desire isn’t new though. It is one that I have tried to learn from another, far more experienced than me.

Jesus, speaking in John 14:12 says “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.”

Jesus wasn’t concerned with being the best, sitting at the top of the pile whilst others tried to emulate Him. His concern was that the Father was glorified. If that meant others were involved, that was absolutely fine with Jesus. It was almost like He was saying “my ceiling is going to be your floor. There is so much more that you will see, do and experience. You will do it through my power and with my Spirit, but you need to aim higher than you have seen me do so far.”

He looks at those who truly believe in Him and says, “I believe in you – Go for it!”

I reckon that if celebrating the breakthrough of others was okay with Jesus, it should be okay for us too.

So when you are longing for breakthrough, and others tell you of their breakthrough, celebrate with them. Rejoice that God has blessed them.

God will be glorified – and it may just be that you see breakthrough too.

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