Fathers day

Looking through Facebook today has been a bittersweet experience. I guess that was to be expected. On a day that celebrates fathers, it was only natural that I felt the loss of not having mine around to honour in person.

What surprised me, was that in seeing friends honouring their fathers, and husbands was the emotion of happiness that I also felt.

I found myself genuinely glad that these men were being celebrated. Of course, I felt a little sad that I will never get the chance to tell my dad how truly wonderful he was, but for the majority of my friends I know the influence that their fathers have had on their lives, and I am thrilled that they are taking the opportunity to tell them.

We men often feel a tremendous burden. We work hard to provide, but often at the expense of family time. When we do have time away from work, tiredness often takes its toll on things. At the same time we are seeking to allow our kids to be everything they can be. It can be tough, but we keep going because love keeps us going. 

I am truly blessed to have had awesome examples of what a good father was, both in my own father and my grandfather. It feels like such a glib expression, but if I can find a way to be half the man that they were I will feel satisfied.

I honestly believe that a large part of the reason that they were the men they were was because they knew a Father that was the epitome of good.

I have been encouraged today by seeing so many fathers who have also set good examples to their children because of the relationship they have with the same good Father. Men who have given their all to follow Him, and in being an example to their children have also been an example to me. Men who when I spend time with them, I feel like I have spent some time in the very presence of Jesus.

My dad is doing just that today. I want to honour him, and the many others who have unknowingly shone a light and inspired me to be a better man, and hopefully a better father.  

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