More Christmas musings

What does Christmas mean to you? For many, Christmas means spending time with family, gifts, and time off work. Some remember “the reason for the season” with gusto, others will only give a token nod to the baby who’s birth started the whole thing. 

The birth of babies tend to be an exciting event. I was privileged to be at the birth of both of my children. The miracle of birth, and the awe as I gazed into the faces of my newborn babies was both humbling and terrifying. I knew I had been given an amazing responsibility, and at the same time I was looking at someone who would turn my world upside down.  

I knew that there would be crying (the babies and me), smell (both again??). But most of all I knew that this baby was pretty helpless without my wife and I.

Babies are small and non threatening. They are pretty helpless for the first few years of life. For the most part all they do at first is eat, sleep and cry. Generally speaking, the birth of a baby to a “normal” family doesn’t do much to change world history. 

That’s where the birth of Jesus is different. Whilst Jesus was all that a baby could be (don’t let that peaceful nativity scene fool you) it certainly wasn’t Heaven come to earth with a whimper.  

When Jesus was born, heaven was announcing that the Lion of Judah was on the scene. That Gods plan for humanity had arrived. There was now a way to repair and restore the fracture that happened in the garden of Eden. History was forever changed. 

In the physical realm there may have been a whimper from a baby, but in the spiritual realm there was an Almighty Lion’s roar. 
We read of angels filling the sky and singing praises when the baby was born. 

The angels knew that significance of the birth. 

But there were others who trembled at the birth – because He had been born to destroy everything they were trying to achieve – and they knew that they had already lost. 

The demons knew the significance of the birth. 

My prayer this Christmas time is that as we celebrate a baby’s birth 2000 years ago, we too know the significance of the birth – and hear the Lion’s roar.

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