A Glimpse of Glory

ripped jeans

God is always speaking.

The more I look and listen, the more I notice what He is saying.

One of the things I love, is that messages not only convey eternal truth, but they are perfect for the moment too.

Last night, whilst driving to Eastgate School of Spiritual Life, I became aware of the sky. It was one of these early autumn evenings, just before sunset. There were few clouds, and the sun was low in the darkening sky. What struck me was the number of trails from aeroplanes that were visible. Each were relatively short, but each had been caught by the autumn sun and were bright slashes of light in the early evening sky.

I felt God was saying – this is a glimpse of the glory of heaven. Its just waiting to break through. The more I thought about this, I was reminded of a piece of material with rips in it. With just one rip, the material still functions, but the more rips there are the greater the risk of the integrity being completely lost and things beginning to pour through.

In the same way, I felt God saying – you’ve had a glimpse, but the time is coming when heaven is going to flood through. You won’t be able to stop it.

This of course is true in the “big picture” sense. We live in a world with a tension between our heavenly position – we are seated in heaven with Christ, yet we are physically here on Earth.  We see glimpses of heaven, as it invades earth. We long to see more. The more God’s people realise their identity and walk in it, the more we will see. Heaven is attracted by hunger, and the more we seek Him, the more He will meet us where we are.

It was also true in the moment. I have to admit, I was happy to say “thank you” and wait for the promised Glory to come. I didn’t have to wait long. During worship about an hour later the Glory of God fell in such a way that was so tangible, most of us struggled to stand. I experienced God in a different way to ever before. For me there was a stillness and peace unlike I had ever felt before. There was a weightiness which was familiar, but somehow different.

As the evening came to a close, and I drove home, reflecting on the experience, I felt God say again – “you’ve only seen a glimpse, there is more to come.”

I can’t wait.

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