My Hallelujah


I dare say that each of us that have metaphorical walls in front of us that we want to come down. Some walls have been erected by others. Perhaps you have a family member who you long to come to faith. Maybe you have a long-standing health issue. It could be that work is hard to find, or the situation at work is difficult. Some will have been erected by us. Unforgiveness, feelings of shame and guilt. It’s not uncommon for these types of walls to go unnoticed in our life. They are there, but their presence manifests itself differently. Progress seems to have stalled.

Each of us will have particular “walls” that we wish would fall. We long for the light of heaven to shine into the situation, knowing that when that happens we will see breakthrough.

The standard (and correct) response to these walls is to pray.  Prayer is a powerful weapon for the Christian. The bible tells us that the “prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” Prayer should always be the place to begin to see things change in our lives. Often though, we have been praying for years, perhaps decades with no sign of breakthrough.  Maybe we have stopped praying because we have not seen any change in our situations. For others, cracks may have begun to appear, but still the wall holds firm. When we have nothing else, we pray some more. After years and years, perhaps our prayers begin to feel a little dry and unanswered. If only there was more we could do.

I believe there is. Worship is a powerful weapon in in our warfare against the enemy. When we worship, God turns His face towards us. A friend once said, “Heaven is attracted by hunger.”. When we do it just because He is worthy of our worship.  I think that is what makes it worship, not that we might gain anything from it. Simply worshiping. The promises of scripture suggest that in some sort of mysterious way there is indeed a reward for our worship, but we mustn’t worship simply to get that reward.

There is a song on the new Pat Barrett (of Housefires fame), called My Hallelujah.

It talks of the goodness of God, how His Kingdom will never end, how His light breaks darkness.

One line from the bridge stood out.

” As praise goes up, I believe

The walls are coming down”

The song “It is well” from You make me brave, has the line “this mountain that’s in front of me, will be thrown into the midst of the sea.” This song talks of when we declare “it is well” over our lives, things in our natural lives begin to change.

I love to worship. I can’t sing in tune, or play an instrument, but worship allows me to connect to Heaven in a way that prayer just doesn’t. There is an element of deep calling out to deep, of my spirit connecting with Holy Spirit. When I worship, my attitude to walls in front of me change. I begin to put things into perspective. I see my walls, my problems, my issues from God’s viewpoint.  Perhaps the wall doesn’t disappear, but my outlook changes. With the faith that grows in worship, I am renewed, ready to face my walls as a powerful person, able to influence the world around me.

Mindfulness is a big thing at the moment.  It involves taking hold of your mind, focusing it on “behaving”.  Worship does all that, and more.

I choose to declare truth over my situation. I choose to take the battle to the spiritual realm where it belongs.

I choose worship.

(check out the songs mentioned above from these links)

My hallelujah

It is well



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