Reflections on a tough week

If anything is certain in this life (and I’m not thinking about death and taxes) it is that Christians are under attack from an unseen enemy. Whenever ground is being taken, we can be assured that there will be a response. I’ve noticed that these responses are rarely front on hit backs, rather they come in from the side, where we might not expect them, or recognise them as related to the break throughs.  

As a family it feels like we had already had our fair share of attacks. Way back in 2011, just as I began to explore my belief that God still heals today and wanted me to be involved in demonstrating that both Dad and I found ourselves in different hospitals for different reasons with serious health issues. Whilst this manifested as a physical problem, I am totally convinced that this was a spiritual attack at heart. The fact that Dad and I survived is testament that prayer works, and God still had plans for both of us. Last year, mum was diagnosed with cancer and sadly (for us) died. Life has thrown a lot our way recently.

I love the quote “God works all things together for good – if it isn’t good, it isn’t the end.” Right now, things aren’t good. Plans that had recently been put in place have changed in a heartbeat. Something that was going to be key in a grieving process will have to wait, probably for a long time. This isn’t the end though.

The enemy has come knocking on the door, trying to convince us that God doesn’t care, that He can’t help, that our confidence is in the wrong place. Isaiah 54:17 tells us that no weapon formed against us will prosper. I noticed something about this today. We aren’t told that the weapons won’t form. We can be certain that the attacks will come. The promise of God is that they won’t prosper. I think that we get a choice – either we can live in that promise, or we can allow the lies of the enemy to taint our thinking and allow him to fill our minds with despair.  

With the current situation, I want to declare that I choose to partner with God. I choose to believe His promises. What has happened this week is a weapon that the enemy is forming against us as a family. It will not prosper; indeed, God has already begun working to reverse the damage. This is a setback, but we are waiting. Waiting for God to move in power, in the certain hope that Dads strength will be renewed, that he will rise up on wings like eagles, that he will run and not grow weary, that he will walk and not faint.

3 thoughts on “Reflections on a tough week

  1. Isaiah 54 also reminds us that it is God who created the blacksmith who fuels the fire and who crafts the weapons that are then used against us … and which will fail to destroy us.

    There is a great heritage ahead…


  2. Good one Brian – love your posts here. His truth is what we stand on. He is faithful and is teaching many of us to stand on truth and to ‘stand firm and put on the whole armour’. Continuing to pray for His kingdom to be at work more and more and for complete health for your Dad.


  3. Yes, Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life….. In this life we will have troubles but do not fear for He has overcome. All His Promises are True and all His Ways are Good and in Him there is Life and Wholeness.
    Blessings as you all walk through this valley with The Good Shepherd, Linda


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