Time to roar?

A quote appeared in a Facebook memory today. “A Lion never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep.”

Once I had got over the fact that finding lions and sheep in the same vicinity was unlikely, my first reaction was that it was a pretty arrogant statement. It seems to suggest that we don’t have to listen to anyone else, that we are lord and king over all that we do, and what others think doesn’t matter. Over the years I have been what some might call a nominal Christian. One who goes to church because its what I’ve always done. One who prays, with minimal or no expectancy of an answer. My prayers became a list of things I wanted God to give me, safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t get them. I was OK with that, it was safe. I hung around with likeminded powerless people, did what they did, said what they said and looked like they looked. Just like sheep, if one of us changed direction, even a little, we all followed.

Then I thought about who I was, who God had called me to be. I know that I have been born to be powerful. I have two destinies, one to spend eternity in the place that Jesus has prepared for me, the other here on earth. I have been told that I will do greater things than Jesus. I’ve been told that His ceiling is my starting point. I’ve been told that I am loved by God, that he considers me to be a co-heir with His Son, and that because of His Son, I can boldly approach Him and spend time with Him, ask Him for things as an earthly son asks a father, and simply enjoy being in His presence.

When I finally met the one who I said I had been following for years, things changed. I realised my true identity. I realised that first and foremost I was loved and accepted. I realised I was forgiven (and my list of misdemeanours was long and complex). I realised that the promises of God I read about in the bible were true, were for me and not just the holy elite, and that God wanted relationship with me.

What was most surprising was that the relationship was to be a two way thing. I could actually hear from God. He spoke, and if I listened and did what He said I could be certain that He would be with me every step of the way.

I wish I could say that every time I hear from God I do what He says. I am getting better though. I am beginning to tune my personal antenna into the wavelength that He speaks to me on. His voice is getting clearer, and I have discovered that with the weight of heaven behind me I really can be unstoppable.

If you get a lot of sheep together the noise can be overwhelming. The thing is though, that is all it is. It is noise, meant to distract us from our mission. There are those who will tell you that you can’t. Others will counsel you that you simply shouldn’t.  Don’t let those who are satisfied with lack dictate your mission.  If you have heard from heaven you have two options.

You can simply focus on the goal, keeping your eyes firmly fixed on Jesus. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted.

 Maybe though – it is time to roar.

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