Jesus take the wheel

Many of you will be familiar with the phrase “Jesus take the wheel.” There are a couple of ways that I’ve heard it used. It is either a cry for guidance and help from the one who is able to direct us back on to the right path, either because we’ve drifted off the plan, or because we simply have no idea where we are going and want to take a break from making decisions for a while.

More commonly, I’ve heard it as a “tongue in cheek” expression of despair as things are going a bit wrong.

It seems to me that whether we use the expression itself or not, we all cry out to God at some point in our lives asking the same question.

When I saw the picture above it made me think that sometimes when we ask Him to “take the wheel” its not because we want Him to “direct our paths”, but rather that we want Him to take responsibility for our bad choices. We have no intention at all of changing direction, but we are able to relax and sit back while the world revolves around us for a while.

The thing is, when we ask Jesus to take the wheel, we have to be prepared for the fact that sometimes it will feel very much like the wheels have fallen off and we are in danger of having an accident.

I guess if  that happens, it’s really important that Jesus also takes the steering wheel as it’s the only way we are going to survive without getting really hurt.

Are we prepared to give Him control? To allow Him to really take us to where He wants us? Are we confident enough in His love for us that we end up off the beaten track, away from any sort of safety, that we can trust Him?

In life, the wheels can feel like they are falling off either for the choices we have made, because of enemy attack, or because God is teaching us a lesson. There is no better time in these situations to surrender complete control to Him. No matter what we face, whether sustained ill health, financial hardship or emotional turmoil, there is one who will faithfully stand with you through it all.

I wish I could guarantee that in doing that, everything would miraculously change for the better. That the hardships would suddenly end. I can’t do that.  I have seen that happen for some. I am convinced it should and could happen far more than we currently experience, but I also know that it simply doesn’t happen every time. #

What I can guarantee though is that the journey through the hardship will be filled with joy and peace that comes from resting in the loving arms of a Father who has promised never to leave us.

If it feels like the wheels of your life have fallen off at the moment, may I encourage you to continue to pray for breakthrough, but at the same time, give Jesus control of the situation, and rest in the peace of the knowledge that He really does know what He is doing, and His ways are often very different to ours.

2 thoughts on “Jesus take the wheel

  1. Brian, I have sometimes but not often seen your blog on Facebook however I had not realised that a file in my email is full of your blogs. I reckon I must have started a separate file for them then forgotten and not noticed them! I have come across them and have had an enjoyable afternoon reading through them. I need to take time to read through them slower and more thoughtfully but I can see your honesty and can I call it vulnerability comes through and is definitely worth another look…. you do have a good way with words. I also have a renewed sense of loss of friends as your Mum and Dad’ voices are also there. However it also feels like a wee gift finding them the way I have. It’s time for mid week meeting. Will get back into them another time but you are certainly engaged in a worthwhile ministry. God Bless you and yours Brian and thank you!


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