Make me pure

I stopped praying, so I hope this song will do, I wrote it all for you.

I’m not perfect, but you don’t mind that do you?

I know your there to pull me through, aren’t you?

These are some lyrics form a Robbie Williams song from 2005. The song is called “Pure” and also contains the lyric “Oh Lord, make me pure, but not yet.

When I heard it the other day, it got me thinking. I’m not convinced that Robbie is actually praying that line, but I wonder sometimes we Christians do. I know that we may not use these exact words, but sometimes that is what our actions say. I think we really do want God to make us pure, but we are not so keen on the change in lifestyle or attitude that would make the change complete. We want to be more like Jesus, but we must watch the latest TV programmes, regardless of the questionable moral standard they set. We say we want the homeless to be fed but think it’s the governments responsibility rather than ours.

I remember seeing a clip by “The Skit Guys” called God’s chisel. In it, one of the characters wanted to be changed by God, to become God’s masterpiece, but when God started to hammer and chisel some of the “issues” off of him, he asked God to stop because it hurt. He wanted all the benefit of being like Jesus but wasn’t prepared to change in order to get it. In the end, God asked him if he wanted to just talk about change or do something about it.

Another analogy I recall was that of the refiner’s fire. When gold is being purified, the refiner heats up the gold until it melts. At this point any impurities rise to the surface and can be scooped off and thrown away. The more times this process happens, the purer the gold becomes. The fact is that intense heat must be applied to make the change.  The same is true in our own lives. If we want to change, we have to be prepared for God to turn up the heat to the point where it is more than a little uncomfortable. The beauty of this is of course that we can trust Him not to turn up the heat to the point that we would be destroyed, only to get rid of the things that are making us impure.

I guess my challenge from all this is what are you holding on to that is stopping a transformation to purity? Is there anything that you know God wants to chisel off, not because He wants to hurt you or spoil your fun, but because He loves you and wants the best for you?

I can’t promise that there will not be pain in the process, but I can promise that He will not break you.

Will it be worth it – absolutely.

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