The right order

A friend posted part of a verse from John 15:5 a few days ago. It says, “I am the vine; you are the branches.”

I am sure that will be familiar to many of us. 

Those who have read the bible a lot will know that it is possible to read the same verse several times, and then suddenly find that there is a different angle to it, a facet that you haven’t noticed before. Sometimes it is something you’ve seen before, and it is the Holy Spirit giving you a nudge, letting you know that it’s time to look again, to reconsider and to adjust our thinking.

I suppose like many of us, I spend a lot of time thinking about Coronavirus. The virus that we were told would be beaten by the middle of last year, has persisted and is fighting back. Hospitals are busier than ever, and restrictions on movement and contact with other humans have been curbed to levels which threaten the mental health of many. It is unsurprising that it has become an all-consuming thought for large number of people.

“How are we going to beat it?”  “What are the rules today?”  “How can I push them to the limit?” “Why aren’t the government doing more?”  “Why are the government trying to control me?” 

All understandable questions. These are unprecedented times we are living in.

What I realised, at least for me, was I perhaps had begun to apply the verse at the beginning of this post round the wrong way.

When I try and control things, when I try to figure it all out myself what I find myself doing is assuming I am the vine, and He is simply an add on, something that I will feed when I take care of all the other things going on.

What I have also discovered is that doing things this way never works out for the best. (I did already know this, it’s just that as a human I tend to forget sometimes) It turns out God knows what He is doing. He hasn’t put things in place to control us, but because He loves us, and really does want the best for us.

Allowing Him to be the Vine, to nourish us, to comfort us, to give us wisdom in tough situations, to simply be God will allow us to become everything He has planned for us. 

It’s OK to ask the questions. It is OK to look for the answers.

But let’s allow God to be God.

It’s His job and He really is very good at it.

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