What’s under your feet?

If the lockdown that has been imposed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has done anything it has made me exercise. (that, and a watch that reminds me to move, stand and exercise and ‘rewards’ me for doing so) 

I always feel better after a brisk walk, but it is never my first choice (that would be sitting on the sofa with my feet up). 

Today we tried something a little different. We downloaded an App, and tried geocaching for the first time. We searched for small tins and boxes hidden throughout the valley near where we live. Once found, we ‘logged’ our finds, and hid them again for others to find.

Doing this in winter holds the challenge of lots of mud, which, especially on a hill is really quite slippery. One can never be sure if the next step will be the one that results in a fall. Where you plant your feet has to be considered carefully. Even the correct footwear doesn’t seem to guarantee that you will navigate the path without a fall. Today I was wearing boot with good tread, but that was quickly filled with sticky mud. It was like walking on an ice rink in bare feet.

The past 12 months has felt pretty similar to walking on mud with no grip. Each week has brought new challenges, with new levels of restrictions and new opinions as to the implications of those. Just when we got to a point on the journey where the mud wasn’t so bad, where there felt like there was a little bit of respite, we were told that just ahead there was more mud, even deeper and more slippery than that which we had already tentatively navigated.

The seasons will change though. Spring will come (perhaps the odd shower) followed by summer where we hope the ground will dry out and make journeys easier. 

I suppose the point I am trying to make is that how easy it is to make headway, to ensure that we don’t fall and get messed up, depends very much on what is underfoot.  

For far too many people, life has been turned upside down by Covid-19. Whether simply because movement has been restricted or feeling the loss of a loved one, it will be some time before anything resembling normal will be possible. I believe that even though we have all experienced changed, some have been able to cope more than others. Those of us with a faith in a God can lean on the sure and certain knowledge that He is able to keep us from falling.

Psalm 40 tells us that when we wait for the Lord, He will turn to us and hear us. When we are walking through boggy ground, crying out to God to help us is OK. We aren’t expected to do it all by ourselves. He is able to pick us up and set our feet upon solid rock. He can and will give us a path through things may be difficult to get through. 

Knowing what is under our feet can bring a confidence and peace that others don’t have. 

Chances are they will ask you how. Be sure that you tell them.

One thought on “What’s under your feet?

  1. Thank you Brian…we have had to make an unexpected trip to the US to see Glens dad. He has Parkinson’s among some other things and has become very frail very quickly. This reminder of our solid ground and God’s sovereignty brings peace.

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