In God we Trust?

2020 felt like it lasted forever. Days felt like weeks, weeks like months. “Stay home, make space, protect the NHS” All meant to ensure that life could get back to ‘normal’. Back to the way life used to be.

There is no doubt that there are elements of ‘normal’ that will be celebrated when they are possible again. I wouldn’t say that I go around hugging every person I see, but I long to hug friends again. I can’t wait until I can simply sit and have a coffee with someone without feeling that I need to get my mask back on quickly. Perhaps even to have someone visit and sit on the sofa for an hour or two and just chew the fat.

I was watching a video earlier and it struck me that perhaps there are some things that we should leave behind in the depths of 2020. 

I’m sure you will be able to think of things that you used to do religiously that now you are prevented from doing them, there is a certain release, and ultimately a calm that has developed.

God is able to turn any situation to good. That isn’t to say that God sends storms into our life just to show us how amazing He is. He isn’t like that. The question is, are we able to trust that He will do that? Are we willing to wait until He makes it good again? 

Is it possible that during this time He is giving us a bit of a shake? Challenging us to examine whether we are trusting Him, or trusting in our ‘normality’ and ‘familiarity’ to get us through the day? Is our trust truly in His ability or do we only turn to Him when there is a storm to navigate? 

Abraham and Sarah waited decades for a son. Joseph was sold into slavery then thrown in prison before God raised him up. The Israelites spent 400 years in Egypt before the Exodus. God appeared to be silent for 400 years before sending Jesus.

Waiting seems to be ‘normal’ in the Kingdom. 

We have waited a year. 

It feels like forever. It has been too long for some. 

I believe it is time to take a careful look at where our trust is. 

Are we looking to the promise (God will make it good) or to the Promiser (God is Good)? 

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