Back to Eden

A brief study on the names of the garden of Eden, and the rivers that flowed from it (based on Genesis 2)
Genesis 2:10-14

EDEN – Pleasure

PISON – Increase

GIHON – bursting forth

HIDDEKEL – rapid

EUPHRATES – fruitfulness

Eden was a place of Gods pleasure. God saw that it was good, and He said that it was good, and it was good.

Was Eden the finished article? Yes.

Was Eden the place where mankind was meant to stop? No.

Eden was certainly finished. If it wasn’t, I don’t believe that we would have seen God resting on day seven. If there was still work to do, I believe that God would have still being creating.

Eden was finished, but Gods plan for mankind was far from over.

Names are very important in the bible.

I don’t think there is any coincidence that we could read this as “Out of Gods PLEASURE” there a RAPID INCREASE of FRUITFULNESS BURSTING FORTH.

Gods plan for creation was never to abandon it. He wanted mankind to walk with Him in relationship and out of His pleasure, see fruitfulness. I think His plan was not so much for that fruitfulness to be a gradual thing over time, but for it to be something that happened suddenly, in ever increasing measure. Think about a river, especially some of the worlds greats, with rapid white waters and great power. There is no way to stop the water. As it pours out from its source, there is an endless supply of that power and flow.

So it was meant to be in Eden. As Adam spent time with God, as he walked with Him in the cool of the day, a rapid increase of fruitfulness was supposed to erupt from him, as he fulfilled the creation mandate to fill the earth and subdue it.

At the fall, Adam relinquished his authority to Satan. Jesus has allowed us to take that authority back, because we have Holy Spirit living inside us, we operate with His authority.

It is time for us to return to Eden, return to being in the centre of Gods pleasure. To allow Him to flow through us, rapidly, surprisingly, increasingly. And it is in doing so that we will see the fruit which Jesus talked of in John 15.

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