Taking every opportunity 

Peter and John were just going abut their normal business. Meeting in the temple, praying etc.how would you feel if you got prevented from getting to where you “needed” to be?

The man was carried each day by his friends / family. Were they tired of doing this? Was he a hindrances or a means of making money? Why didn’t they ask Peter & John for his healing? Were they more comfortable with the status quo? 

 Are we? Do we just get on with things or do we actually want them to change?

Peter was fully aware that he possessed power. No money – but what he had would enable the man to earn money himself. God is interested in the whole person – he treats the person not just the symptoms.

Note that it wasn’t Peter that healed the man. He did in and through the name and power of Jesus.

There is power in His name to break every chain!!

Peter knew that he had authority over the same things that Jesus did.


Who was with them?

Pentecost and the tongues of fire was very recent. Peter had been walking in the power of Holy Spirit since then.

Who are you?

Who is living inside you?

Who is desperate to get out and touch the lives of those you come in contact with?

Also note – the gospel followed the miracle. The signs and wonder are great – but there is a reason for them. People need to meet Jesus
– lets make sure do. 

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